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You Can’t Predict a Hero

From War to Wall Street, Leading in Times of Crisis

Jossey-Bass, September 2009

Many things set Joe Grano apart from the typical corporate leader: his decorated military career, his humble origins, his lack of a formal college education, his meteoric rise. But perhaps the most unique aspect of Grano’s life and career is his ability to deal with crisis. When things are at their worst, Grano is at his best. From Vietnam to 9/11, from the market crash of ’87 to today’s financial crisis, Wall Street legend Joe Grano has been at the front lines of the most defining American crises of the last forty years. Whether leading draftees through combat as a Green Beret in Vietnam, regrouping a team of brokers during the market crash of 1987, or working tirelessly to reopen Wall Street after the attacks on 9/11, Joe has served at the forefront, leading and even inspiring others when things seem at their darkest. Structured around six specific crises he faced in his life and career, You Can’t Predict a Hero tells the unique story of how Grano was able to triumph over challenges both personal and professional.

“Joe Grano is one of America’s great business leaders. There’s no one better at leading in a time of crisis.”

—Lee Iacocca

“I have read many books on ‘leadership.’ Joe Grano’s You Can’t Predict a Hero is, quite simply, the best by far. This is a terrific book, for the story it tells, for the lessons it teaches, and for the solutions it offers. I recommend it highly.”

—George Pataki, former governor of New York