Henry Coleman with Alina Adams

The Man From Oakdale

An As The World Turns Novel

Pocket Books, December 2008

A thrilling novel of suspense and family drama that ties in to “As The World Turns” – one of America’s most beloved daytime television programs – and presents the surprising solution to the mystery everyone on the show is talking about.

Henry Coleman is an enterprising young man who has held a variety of jobs in Oakdale, always trying to make money fast and easily. Now that he’s working as a private investigator, Lucinda Walsh, a successful businesswoman in town, hires Henry and his girlfriend Vienna Hyatt to find her missing granddaughter Lucy. Desperate to protect Johnny, her infant half-brother, from their manipulative father, Craig Montgomery, Lucy fled Oakdale without telling anyone where she was going. Lucinda knows Craig is on Lucy’s trail and she wants Henry to find her first.

Henry and Vienna start their search in Montega, a South American country where Lucy grew up and her mother Sierra still lives. After thwarting Craig Montgomery’s scheme to blackmail Sierra into revealing Lucy’s whereabouts, Henry and Vienna receive a tip that Lucy has moved on to Sweden. There, in Vienna’s homeland, they encounter Paul Ryan, Johnny’s uncle, who is also searching for the boy and throwing obstacles into their investigation. Henry and Vienna’s search leads them back to Oakdale and finally to the United Nations in Manhattan where they locate Johnny and discover Lucy’s surprising fate.


“Good guys win, bad guys lose, true love conquers all. I think I’d rather live in Henry Coleman’s Oakdale than in the real one.”

– Carly Snyder

“Great drama, danger, and dirt digging!”

– Katie Peretti