Linda Greenlaw

The Hungry Ocean

A Swordboat Captain's Journey

Hyperion, May 1999

Known to millions of readers of The Perfect Storm as the captain of the Hannah Boden, sister ship to the Andrea Gail, Linda Greenlaw is also known as one of the best sea captains on the East Coast. Here she offers an adventure-soaked tale of her own, complete with danger, humor, and characters so colorful they seem to have been ripped from the pages of Moby Dick.

“…a beautiful book for what it says about the love of the sea–sea fever, Greenlaw calls it. And it is a story of triumph…”

– The New York Times Book Review

“An authentic, insightful account of the intensity of captaining a crew of strong men in an ocean which does what it wants.”

— Daniel Hays, co-author of MY  OLD MAN AND THE SEA