Mary Kay Andrews

Savannah Breeze

HarperCollins, April 2006

In this long-awaited sequel to SAVANNAH BLUES, BéBé Loudermilk falls for the wrong man. Again. This time, she gets taken by a real con man, who separates her from her home, her restaurant, and her checking account everything, in fact, but a run-down motel on Tybee Island. With the help of Harry, the cantankerous caretaker she’s somehow been saddled with, and of course, with her best friend Weezie, BéBé turns the Southern charm way up at the Breeze Inn. When Reddy’s spotted in Florida, trying to take advantage of another woman, BéBé and Company travel south for a taste of revenge and adventure, just a soupcon outside the law.

“Fun and fast-paced, yet emotional and warm.”

– Rocky Mountain News

“Andrews is a practiced comic who detonates a laugh on nearly every page. She has great fun affectionately sticking the skewers through a certain type of Southern lady, bless her heart, for whom the phrase ‘What would Momma say?’ carries even more weight than ‘What would Jesus do?’”

– Star News