Barbara Corcoran with Warren Berger


Amazing Places to Live the Rest of Your Life

Springboard Press, June 2008


Where, and maybe more importantly, how do you want to live once you’ve escaped the 9-to-5?

Barbara Corcoran has built her career on knowing where people will live even before they know it themselves! Now she turns her keen eye toward predicting “the next big thing” in real estate-where and how the over 77 million baby boomers will live when they retire.

In NEXTVILLE, Corcoran identifies the top eight trends that are changing where (and how) boomers are retiring. And she helps you figure out what’s most important to you in your next place-whether it’s pursuing your passions, living green, finding community, living young in a city or college town, or even staying right in your old home town. Corcoran also delivers her signature “Barb’s Rules” on where and how to get the most out of the next great stage of our life. Let Barbara help you make the smartest real estate choices today to ensure a secure, comfortable, and fabulously fun tomorrow.

“This well-researched guide goes beyond a “real estate” focus to a more
comprehensive exploration of that next boomer phase. It offers practical
information and insights based on national surveys and numerous
interviews, citing real people and real places as examples.”

– Dianna Sinovic, Los Angeles Times

“…illuminates real estate retirement trends…”

– USA Weekend