Steve Miller

Murder in Grosse Pointe Park

Privilege, Adultery, and the Killing of Jane Bashara

Berkley, December 2015

Bob Bashara: husband, father, Rotary Club president, and community leader.

Bob Bashara: philanderer and BDSM enthusiast.  Did he also hire a hit on his wife?

Jane Bashara lived in Grosse Pointe Park, one of metro Detroit’s wealthiest communities, when she was strangled to death in her own garage by local handyman Joe Gentz.  When Joe turned himself in, he told the cops everything–including how he was hired for a hit by Jane’s husband.  His payment: $2,000 and a used Cadillac.

Born into one of Michigan’s elite families, Bob was sweeping out the back alley of a property he owned the day his wife was killed.  He made sure the bartenders at the Hard Luck Lounge saw him there around the time of her murder.  He’d often brought girlfriends by the same bar, and recently had been seen with one in particular–riding around town in her convertible, even showing up to BDSM events in the suburbs of Detroit.

His trial exposed a scandalous underworld of key parties and punishment rooms, and a seemingly charmed suburban life torn apart by adultery and greed–but there were more shocking revelations to come.