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The Religious Right's Unlikely Union with the Alt-Right, and How It is Changing American Politics

Random House,

The 2016 election brought large numbers of white Evangelicals (81%) to the polls to vote for Donald Trump, whose questionable conservative credentials and behavior in direct defiance of “family values” make him a seemingly unlikely choice for the religious right. Yet certain underlying fears and grievances have recently united the alt-right and the religious right, giving birth to the powerful Alt-Bloc, an increasingly formidable political force for the Republican Party that will most likely outlive the Trump presidency, and has already made headway in its attack on civil rights, democratic institutions, and a free press.

In her first book, reporter Sarah Posner examines the apparent unification of two formerly distinct voting blocs, Trump’s role as a catalyst in bringing these two movements together, and what exactly this new orientation will mean for the Republican Party in the wake of Trump’s presidency. In the lead-up to a truly pivotal election, Posner brings forth a probing look into the values, anxieties and ideologies shaping the course of Republican politics.