Ben Yagoda

About Town

The New Yorker and the World It Made

Scribner, February 2000

For more than seven decades, The New Yorker has been the embodiment of urban sophistication and literary accomplishment, the magazine where the best work of virtually every prose giant of the century first appeared. With all the authority and elegance such a subject demands, Yagoda tells the fascinating story of the tiny journal that grew into a literary enterprise of epic proportions. Incorporating interviews with more than fifty former and current New Yorker writers, including the late Joseph Mitchell, Roger Angell, Pauline Kael, Calvin Trillin, and Ann Beattie, Yagoda is also the first author to make extensive use of The New Yorker’s archives. About Town penetrates the inner workings of The New Yorker as no other book has done, opening a window on a lost age.

“Equable, affectionate, and comprehensive.”

– The New York Times Book Review

“Yagoda draws on a huge range of archival material to…give [About Town] a welcome balance and objectivity.”

–┬áChristian Science Monitor